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what we do

Fools Gold Enterprises Provides Agricultural & Sustainability Consulting

Fools Gold Enterprises helps you grow your life from the ground up.

We provide our clients with training, coaching, equipment, supplies, and hands-on labor to create successful, profitable, and sustainable crop production.

From carrots to cannabis, we are helping our neighbors and communities gain independence through sustainability and good business practices.




All estimates are free and flexible according to materials and scheduling.






Fools Gold Enterprises helps you grow your life from the ground up. We provide our clients with training, coaching, equipment, supplies, and links to hands-on labor to create successful, profitable, and sustainable crop production. From carrots to cannabis, we are helping our neighbors and communities gain independence through sustainability and good business practices. Through our extensive network of contractors, we have assembled a solid team of professionals dedicated to training and coaching "best practices" in the cannabis and agriculture industries. Our custom tailored scope of work is built to educate and assist our clients in determining the best possible scenarios to diversify their farms to be as circular and sustainable as possible.

Business Development

We help build brands through a refined business documentation process as well as assist with education opportunities, civic involvement, and networking.

Compliance Consultation

Get help processing your cannabis compliance paperwork. We can help demystify the process and bring your goals to tangible fruition.

Agricultural & Sustainability Consultation

We help build comprehensive plans catered specifically to your needs. We structure potential outcomes to be built around best business practices and overall sustainability based on location and other factors that determine a custom approach to a winning solution.  


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Bronze and Bronze plus are for the personal care grower, someone who wants to DYI it and get good results. These small footprint units can be built to suit the individuals needs and we can get pretty technical i f you want . These are designed to fit any budget and get anyone interested a good start. Our master growers will design you a very simple plug and play unit for any skill level.

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Sliver packages are for the less is more grower. All the awesome necessities are here. Lights, curtain systems, shade curtains, poly carbonate sides and roof, metal tables, swamp coolers, dehumidifiers, heaters, and co2 generators all here. These require a more educated grower with more experience than our gold. Everything you need is here to grow successfully i f you are a hands on highly involved grower. We suggest this for the person with lots of education and personal opinion about how to manage his grow for it doesn’t have all the failsafe’s of the Gold.

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Our Gold package is a fullyloaded state of the art CEA with all the bells and whistles. This module is lab quality and exceeds any standards worldwide. From rolling tables to cloud detecting light modulators that will turn lights on per overpassing shadows, these guys are built to the hilt. Ipad interface with your Argus growing cont rols will keep you updated in real time. All of your system parameters will be tightly monitored and not i f y you if there are any unwanted fluctuations. Gold packages also incorporate a surveillance system with cloud back up for security and viewing pleasure of any interested party. These units can run up to 6 times a year with the right strains and management, all with minimal human contact.



We assist people in taking their lives to the next level by significantly increasing their overall quality of life. We link neighbors in unbreakable networks, and support communities in being proactive with the ongoing cannabis revolution.

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Here are few things which set us apart from our competitors. Our intel, connections, growing experience, and drive to keep current with regulation proactively provides realistic advantages to blind alternatives. It's all here at Fools Gold Enterprises, your one stop shop for keeping your business profitable, clean, and sustainable with an emphasis on giving back to the community.  


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We have the information

Fools Gold Enterprises has a team of informed and connected professionals that take being ahead of the curve seriously. With the myriad of new and different legislation rolling out to each county, it is important to be a step ahead of the game. It's often that these legalities in motion are not common knowledge and require a significant amount of time, work and experience to make sense of the murkey waters that can be the new legal cannabis industry. 

Being up to date on the current requirements is the obvious solution, but being informed of the future requirements separate those who make money and those who don't. Don’t lose your harvest by being uninformed with surprise regulations in what is considered the most rapidly developing industry on the west coast.

We are connected

Our partnerships insure your safe delivery into a wealth of options and opportunity undeterred by the stress of constant research into legal compliance with your build and supply options. Having these connection in place keeps the process going smoothly without the never-ending back and forth of 3rd party resources often needed to accomplish your growing goals. This is a one stop shop with everything provided for you by reputable businesses that pride themselves on their work.


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we grow

Our growers can provide insight into all aspects of cultivation. From lighting and environmental controls to gardening techniques and pest control, we have many years of experience tempered with a thirst for knowledge and a lifelong technological curiosity.

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We are up to Date

By providing a proactive hand in the matter, such as attending local meetings, hearings, as well as meeting local government officials on behalf of projects, we aim at keeping as strict within the bounds of the law as possible. Even though our pricing plans offer the benefit of a simplistic and organized project creation, we treat every client on a personalized level as a necessity. Setting up solutions is not something we do on a per problem basis. We prefer getting involved directly with the people that matter and seeing it through until the job gets done.  It is important to us to have preventative measures in place to insure no hiccups effect moving forward with your specific needs.

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